Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, while our turkey was in the oven cooking, we got the kids dressed up and went to church. When we got home we had our delicious, if I do say so myself, dinner. Paulette and my mom and dad came over to enjoy the feast. The kids then opened their presents from Grandma and Papa - the traditional pair of pajamas. Carter decided that Santa likes green cookies so we made him some green sugar cookies. We laid them out on Santa's special plate with his glass of milk. Carter also thought that Santa would prefer chocolate milk, but he just got plain old white this year. Then Carter sprinkled reindeer food outside the front door and headed off to bed. We had such an awesome day!

Our First Turkey

This year Steve and I decided that we should make a big Christmas dinner. It was our first attempt at making a turkey. We were a little intimidated, but with lots of directions, we did it! And here are the pictures to prove it! Joel showed up just in time to help us with the worst part. There is also a picture of Lucy helping us keep an eye on it. I must say, it was the best turkey I ever had!